Meet Sarah Roberts, a CCC Trainer

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts is an ICF-credentialed ACC Coach working on her PCC.Sarah Roberts

Sarah lives in Colorado.  She enjoys traveling and looks forward to vacation in Michigan near sparkling blue water every summer.  Sarah came into coaching after years of advocating for employee professional development in state government.

What inspired you to become a coach?

I’ve always had a fascination with interpersonal communication, and coaching is a great way to help people develop themselves.  I used it informally as a coach approach in asking rather than telling.  Coaching unlocks the best within people.

What specific areas do you focus on?

I focus on leadership and executive coaching, helping leaders improve their communication skills and build trust within their teams.

How long have you been coaching?

6 years.

What do you love most about coaching?

I love it when people have ah-ha moments and discover something about themselves that they didn’t know. I also love how coaching can change the culture within an organization.  The leader becomes a more positive person, and everyone loves positive people.

I also love the coaching community and what I learn from other coaches around the world.

What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome as a coach?

Charging what I am worth.  I overcame it by listening to a book, “You’re a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero and reading “Overcoming Under-earning” by Barbara Stanny. I also discussed it and had open conversations with my ICF group about what coaches charge.

What is one of the biggest challenges you helped one of your clients through?

Identifying their blind spots and seeing how other people experience or see them.

What types of clients do you most like to work with?

I like to work with clients who have really bought into developing their leadership capability for a mission driven organization for a community.  For example, leaders in social work or government that give back to society or help people. Their mission is to better the world, the community.

How do you describe your approach to the coaching process with a new client?

Doing a thorough assessment of their goals, creating a plan, and working the plan.  I like to measure where they are at the beginning, middle, and end of our engagement.

What is your favorite coaching tool?

The assessments.  I believe in explaining the assessments to the clients.  They can be very helpful in coaching.

In closing, what message do you have for anyone considering becoming a coach?

Just do it!  Coaching can change the world.

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