Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are things we say to ourselves based on assumptions and perceptions of our reality.

How does a limiting belief hold us back in life?  We believe what we tell ourselves.  If we tell ourselves we can’t, then we don’t.  If we tell ourselves we should or must we resist the implied external control. Limiting Beliefs

Where do these limiting beliefs come from?  As with other beliefs, they come from our culture, education, familial beliefs, and personal experiences in life.  As we learn and experience, so we believe.

How do we know if we have a limiting belief?  We get stuck in a negative mindset.  We are afraid to make good choices, take new opportunities, or even reach our full potential.  We limit ourselves to our comfort zone or even our “uncomfort” zone to keep the status quo of the monster we know versus the monster we do not know.

Opportunities such as career advancement, adventure, travel, or a new relationship all come with pros and cons.  If we only focus on the cons, we limit our thinking and thus our ability to enjoy whatever those experiences have to offer.

What can we do about it?  Creating thoughts and plans that are focused on the desired outcome will help overcome limiting beliefs.

During coaching certification, we learn to ask clients about what they want and their internal motivators.  We learn to ask clients to fully describe their desired outcome.  We learn to invite them to create their own proactive plan to achieve what they want.

Coaches are a partner for moving beyond limiting beliefs to making choices and getting results.


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