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How will Mentor Coaching help me?

How will Mentor Coaching help me?

In the previous blog, you read how the International Coach Federation, ICF, defines mentor coaching from https://coachfederation.org/mentor-coaching.  If you are pursuing your ACC, PCC, or MCC credential through the ICF, Mentor Coaching is required.

How will Mentor Coaching help me?

How will mentor coaching help?

  • Mentor coaching provides support for achieving and demonstrating levels of coaching competency.
  • Mentor coaching following the ICF guidelines is used to increase the coach’s capability in coaching in preparation to apply for a credential.
  • Mentor coaching is a partnership for upgrading coaching skills to support the coach professionally and their clients through their coaching.

Who can be a mentor coach?

ICF guidelines for mentor coaching require that the Mentor Coach for someone earning the ACC Mentor Coach have the ACC credential and complete a renewal cycle.  ICF guidelines for coaches working on their PCC credential are that the mentor coach must be a PCC or an MCC.  For the MCC credential, coach applicants must work with a coach who has the MCC credential.

At the Center for Coaching Certification, CCC, all coach trainers must have, as a minimum, their ACC credential.  In addition to the coach training hours required for ICF membership and credentialing, CCC offers Mentor Coaching.  As a note: the team at CCC continues to further develop through ongoing education and pursuing higher levels of credentialing – come join us!

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