Barriers to Coaching Part 4

One barrier to coaching that people talk about, perceived or real, is knowledge.  Many professionals want to be sure they have the knowledge to coach effectively.  Coach training is a starting point for new coaches and for those wishing to focus more on coaching.  Signing-up for and attending a coach training program is not a guarantee that the knowledge for coaching excellence is gained; full participation and engagement on the part of the participant and quality of the program are directly tied to the development of a knowledge base.  Moving past the barrier of knowledge is done with your intentional effort in a good training.

What does it take to fully participate in coach training for the maximum benefit?  Start with preparation.  Before the coach training begins, go through all of the information provided.  Many programs provide a Learner’s Guide, an overview of what to expect, learning outcomes, and the expectations for successful completion.

During the coach training program, ensuring you are completely present to the lecture, discussion, exercises, and assignments means you maximize your learning opportunity.  Ask questions, research beyond the information that is provided, and actively discuss different opinions and ideas.  Writing about what you are learning is an excellent way to effectively develop your coaching knowledge.

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