Great Leaders Care

Great Leaders Care

Great Leaders Care by Jacqueline Brodnitzki, President, Conscious Success

The first topic in our “leading with heart” series is: Great leaders care. They care about their employees in a way that goes way beyond their work production. They care about them as a person and as an individual. They are authentic in their caring and their employees feel it.

They care enough to send hand written notes when a team member has done a great job or has gone above and beyond. They ask about their families, their hobbies, and their interests. They care about what their employees care abouGreat Leaders Caret.

One manager I know had a employee, from another country and fresh out of college, working on his team. When the guy’s parents came the U.S. to visit him, the manager wrote them a note telling them what a great job their son was doing in his first job. This had a positive impact on the employee, the employee/manager relationship, and his parents were thrilled to receive the note because they knew he worked for a manager who cares.

When leaders act from the heart, their team members think, “Wow, my manager understands me and has my best interests in mind. This is someone I’ll follow and would work for again.”

When leaders show they care, employees naturally follow suit. Deeper relationships are formed and their teams are more engaged, work harder and are more resilient.

Share your stories about leading with heart and we will share them with our community (without identifying you, unless you want us to) so send them in!

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