Find Coaching Clients through Workshops

Coaches that are experts in their niche areas provide clients with added value. Potential coaching clients seek information to meet their current needs. Combine these two considerations, and providing workshops is a natural option.

In the coaching process, the coach listens to the clients and asks questions so the client is empowered to explore their own interests and develop their own action plans. In a workshop, the focus is on educating. Coaching combined with training enhances the outcome: according to the Personnel Management Association, training alone improves performance by 22%; training combined with coaching results in an 86% improvement.

Develop yourself as an expert and diversify your income by developing, promoting, and conducting workshops. Imagine offering a program for three to six hours that covers powerful information for your ideal coaching client. How many people at what registration fee would it take for you to benefit? How many new clients from a workshop further enhance the value?

Action Steps to Offer Workshops

1. Develop one and three hour workshops on topics within your niche

What topics are your potential clients interested in? What information is most pertinent to clients you serve? Brainstorm ideas and develop training programs they want to attend.

2. Explore options for venues and schedule an easy-to-reach location

Consider local community centers or libraries. Explore collaboration opportunities with businesses or nonprofits to offer a workshop in their location.

3. Promote the event

Community calendars online and local publications often include workshop offerings at no charge. Reach out to membership groups of your ideal client.

How do think your ideal clients find workshops and what motivates them to register?

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