Find Coaching Clients through Networking

How often have you heard that people hire people? Or that the best way to find work is through networking? Networking face-to-face is an opportunity for people to connect, develop rapport, and feel comfortable. Coaching clients want what networking offers.

In the first two blogs of this series, we looked at referrals and at working with Human Resource Departments. In both cases, potential coaching clients have a comfort level because of existing relationships. Networking is about creating new relationships or developing existing relationships.

Coaches think about networking, talk about networking, and network with colleagues. When you are actively working to expand your coaching client base, networking makes sense. Do it!

Prepare to network by practicing how you present yourself as a coach and how you explain your services. Know your niche and consider what each contact is interested in learning. When you take the time to learn about who they are and what they do first, you have an opportunity to speak to their needs and wants professionally.

Action Steps for Networking

1. Research networking groups and events in your area

A multitude of businesses and organizations offer networking events either weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. Create a database that notes when, where, and who attends.

2. Choose based on your coaching niche

Focus primarily on networking groups that cater to your ideal client based on the type of organization and who they serve. Decide which opportunities fit.

3. Schedule and go!

A simple and yet not so simple step: list the events in your calendar so you are there!
What are your favorite networking events?

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