Find Coaching Clients through Human Resource Departments

Expand on the action steps from the first blog of this series on referrals, and now explore opportunities for referrals or contracts through Human Resource Departments.

According to the AMA, 60% of North American companies use coaching. Offering background and expertise in niche areas that meet current workplace needs creates opportunities for work as a coach.

As a coach, prepare before approaching the professionals with a well-designed website, effective online profile, proposal and agreement documents, and a message that garners attention. With the foundation in place, your confidence as a coach and your professionalism when promoting your services are clear.

Action Steps to Connect with Human Resource Departments

Visit the HR office of companies near you and offer a free brown bag lunch series on a topic of interest to them that fits your coaching niche. For example: once a week for 3 to 6 weeks provide fifteen minutes of teaching and 15 minutes of question and answer time on time management and organization skills. Ensure that participants have the option to choose you as a coach.

2. Attend professional development programs

Research events and seminars in your area that appeal to Human Resource professionals. Attend to stay current and to expand your contact base.

3. Call or visit

Research the major employers in your area. Visit their website and learn about the organization. Call or visit the Human Resource Department and ask how you may serve their company.
What other new or creative approaches are possible?

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