Executive Coaching

Do I need a Career Coach?

Here is an example of an executive coaching engagement using models, processes, and the coaching competencies.

For an executive coaching engagement, you start with an introductory session to ensure you are a good match.  Once you determine the fit, you sign an agreement that includes a link to the Code of Ethics.  The model you start with for this coaching relationship is: Vision, Strategy, Outcomes, Learning.executive coaching

In the first coaching session, you explore the big picture vision the coachee has for what they want in all areas.  In your second session, you implement a strategy for the coachee to maintain their focus and motivation.  By the third session you are asking the coachee to prioritize what they want to work on first.  Together you explore the circumstances and opportunities.  You invite the coachee to brainstorm strategies for how they want to implement changes.  The coachee decides on their action steps.  As the coach, you are their accountability partner, so you ask about their outcomes and how they will continue moving forward.  You also ask them to reflect and share what they are learning in the process.

Examples of Questions for this Coaching Scenario:

  • Describe the status quo.
  • What do you want at home?
  • What are your goals for your health?
  • What are your plans for your free time?
  • What is your balance of work, home, and personal time?
  • What is your vision for the organization?
  • What is your ideal outcome?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What are the current strategies?
  • What is changing?
  • What are different possibilities?
  • What are influencing factors?
  • What is your best possible outcome?
  • What is your worst possible outcome?
  • What will happen if you continue as you are now?
  • What do you want to have happen?
  • What will it take to make that happen?
  • What might get in the way?
  • What are your resources?
  • What are your ideas for different approaches?
  • What else?
  • What is your strategy?
  • What is your back-up approach?
  • What is your action plan?
  • What is your plan B?
  • How is your plan working?
  • What is working well?
  • What do you want to change?
  • What are you learning?
  • What tips do you have for yourself now?
  • How do you want to continue learning?
  • How will you continue moving forward?


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