DISC Daily: Your DISC Accountability and Practice Partner

Emily Bass

By Emily Bass, MSW, ACC, ACP  https://discdaily.comEmily Bass

Have you ever experienced the “Aha” moments gleaned from the DISC report begin to dwindle a couple weeks following the debrief?

As a leadership and sales coach providing assessment-based coaching, I find it exciting when assessments create those “Aha” moments. With DISC, I wanted to see that “Aha” moment stick for a lifetime and see the outcomes of the assessments impact client’s as I knew they could.

The 38-page DISC report was never intended to be understood after just reading and using it a time or two. Learning the principles of DISC is the same as learning any new skill, and like learning any new skill, it takes practice to master.

When working with clients, I use the language of assessments as a foundation for mutual understanding; a language we can use to touch a deeper meaning without having to go too deep in every conversation. This mutual understanding acts as a common thread of language between coach and client throughout the relationship.

So, when clients aren’t clear on the language of DISC or aren’t able to identify a DISC style, I send messages for practice, holding them accountable to the learning. For example, “Today, pay attention to the pace of the people around you. Are people talking, moving, acting fast or slow paced? How can you adapt to improve your interaction with them?”

The texts and the emails I send has made the learning happen more naturally. It has made such a difference toward owning the skills of DISC and being able to put them to use. You, too, can off this to your clients using DISC Daily.Also included are a suite of supporting tools to help each style learn in the way that suits them best.

Are you a coach wanting an accountability and practice partner for yourself and/or your clients to learn the DISC Behavioral Profile to its fullest? Create and build on those “Aha” moments!


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