Coaching and Facebook

On Facebook, if you do a search on the word coaching, a multitude of names appear. Clearly many are using Facebook as an opportunity to connect and make services available. Facebook has over 750 million users and half of them log in on any given day. Several experts have said to me that not having a Facebook page for a business is crazy!

Facebook is perceived by many as purely social – and that is changing rapidly. The recommendation I hear often is to have separate coaching business and personal pages. In addition seeing personal profiles of friends and colleagues, a majority of businesses do now have a page.

Who do you connect with on each page? Facebook is a wonderful opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends. A personal profile page is a place to share news, ideas, and pictures. Do coaching clients look-up coaches on Facebook? Chances are many do.

A business page for coaches on Facebook is an opportunity to develop the professional side. On a business page are links to blog posts and articles. Colleagues connect with ideas and questions. Businesses engage their constituency with contests, a calendar, and discounts.

The Center for Coaching Certification has business page — let’s connect on Facebook and discuss outcomes! Weekly contests are planned with a gift card for the winner. Visit the site, like the page, participate, and tell us what you think!


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