Coaching Technique with Language Patterns

Awareness of specific language patterns creates the opportunity for probing and clarifying, which expands client awareness.  A coach develops this awareness through study and practice.

Specifically, learning and identifying Meta Models, language patterns within the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming, provides the coach with the awareness of when and how to probe for clarification and understanding.  Throughout this the client is more aware and thus more effective in considering their own objectives.

There are three different types of Meta Models:

  • Deletions are when information is simply missing from the statement.
  • Distortions are when one aspect is applied to the whole.
  • Generalizations are an application of previous experience to current circumstances or assumptions.

When a coach hears a Meta Model, it is an invitation to ask questions.  By asking for more information and clarification, the client moves past the limitations imposed when the language is limiting understanding, and the client is then more aware.

During coaching, the probing for more information, clarifying, and exploring creates awareness.  This awareness in turn empowers effective decision making because the client is thinking and considering the different possibilities.  An additional benefit is that this supports a positive, proactive focus which is what coaching is about in terms of process.

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