Coaching Explored

executive, career, business, or life coachCoaching is a hot topic – people who know what it is understand the benefits and often want a life or business coach, want to be a coach and build a business, or want an executive coach within their organization.  What is it all about?

Executive, Career, Business, or Life Coaching is a strategic partnership in which the coach empowers the coachee to clarify goals, create action plans, move past obstacles, and achieve what the coachee chooses.  The Executive, Career, Business or Life Coach serves the coachee with a focus on possibilities and follow-through.  Studies show that the Return on Investment, ROI, is high.  Manchester cites 570%.  Triad Performance Technologies cites 1000% ROI for coaching in sales.  Personnel Management Association says coaching combined with training leads to an 86% improvement.

OK, that sounds pretty good.  Now, what are the reasons for learning to be a coach?

Developing effective coaching skills through coach training enhances effectiveness in inter-personal relationships, communication skills, focus, motivation, goal setting, strategizing, action planning, accountability, and achieving success.

Whether you are offering coaching services in a professional business, coaching within a company, or incorporating the skills in client services and employee management, the benefits of your effectiveness impact everything you do and stimulates others.

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