Coaching and the use of mission and vision statements, core values and ethics.

What is the difference between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement? A mission statement is your purpose, what it is you do; a vision statement is the result achieved based on what you do, your vision of the world changed by your mission.

How do core values fit in? Core values, often six key values of the people in the company, define how you choose to behave. How does a code of ethics add to these? The Code of Ethics describes how you treat your clients.

Do coaches need one, two, three, or all four of these? It is a choice that makes sense for many because the mission provides focus for your activity and efforts, the vision is your goal, the values govern your behavior, and the ethics ensure clear understanding for how clients are treated.

For examples of each, visit All four are on the page About CCC. For how to create a mission or vision statement, steps are coming to this blog soon!

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