Coaching: A Tool of Choice for Leaders

Coaching: a tool of choice for leaders

Coaching: a tool of choice for leadersWhen you review the definitions and articles on leaders and leadership the overlap with coaching skills is evident.  Coach training develops leadership skills and leaders.  Coaching develops leaders.

Consider what it means to be a leader:

  • Leadership is a practical skill for guiding.
  • Leaders set direction, engage, inspire, and motivate.
  • Leaders do the right thing.

A leader:

  • knows their strengths and weaknesses,
  • believes in them self,
  • has emotional, relationship, and social intelligence,
  • works hard persistently and consistently,
  • thinks about both what and why,
  • takes risks,
  • and owns their mistakes.

Additionally, a leader supports and develops others because a leader:

  • engages others in a shared vision,
  • models positive and proactive action,
  • empowers others,
  • accepts mistakes,
  • supports change,
  • and acknowledges both progress and success.


  • demonstrate belief in others,
  • communicate respectfully and positively,
  • give ownership,
  • demonstrate self-control,
  • invite and respect different perspectives,
  • and design opportunities to brainstorm and experiment.

At a more advanced level, a leader knows the difference between internal and external motivation and taps internal motivation.  A leader both wants and supports for others autonomy, mastery, self-expression, and purpose.  This is aligned very closely with coaching.

Coaching certification is a powerful and effective way to both develop leadership skills personally and to be a leader by supporting, acknowledging, and empowering others.

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