Co-Creating the Relationship for Engaging Coaching Clients


In the previous blog we focused on the application of the first category and first two competencies of the 11 Core Competencies from the International Coach Federation, ICF.  Now we move to applying the second category and the next two competencies for engaging new coaching clients.

Co-Creating the Relationship for Engaging Coaching Clients

As covered during coach training, the next competencies include:

  1. Co-creating the Relationship
    3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
    4. Coaching Presence

Clients will hire you as a coach when they believe in your abilities, the quality of your work, and your integrity.  This starts with the Code of Ethicsand how you talk about coaching.  For people that already know you, learning about your coach training and commitment to ethics validates their existing trust. For new contacts, it is a starting point.

Establishing trust and intimacy is a process – it is relationship building.  From your coach training you learned tools to be present to who the client is and to flex to them.  Apply the same techniques when building a relationship with new contacts because they will come to trust you for themselves and / or for referring others too.

When meeting with a prospective client, be true to your role as a coach.  That means being aware of how that person is thinking, feeling, and processing in the moment and effectively flexing to them appropriately.  Do this in the same way you do it when coaching.

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