Book Review of “The Career Coaching Handbook” by Julia Yates

Career coaching handbook

Career coaching handbookThis book addresses career considerations.

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

  1. What is career coaching and how can it help?

Part I: Theories of Career

  1. 21st-century notions of ‘career’
  2. How people make career decisions
  3. Job satisfaction: what makes us happy at work?
  4. Planned career changes
  5. Unplanned career changes

Part II: Career coaching approaches

  1. Career decision-making difficulties: where do clients encounter problems?
  2. Humanistic coaching
  3. The GROW model: a framework for interventions
  4. Motivational interviewing
  5. Positive approaches
  6. Cognitive behavior coaching
  7. Transactional analysis
  8. Coaching tools

Part III: Coaching into the world of work

  1. The world of work
  2. Job search strategies
  3. CV coaching
  4. Interview coaching

The Good: It has some useful insights and considerations.

The Bad: It lacks awareness of coaching and coaching ethics.

Conclusion: There are too many other options available that provide greats insights and a better awareness of what coaching really involves.

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