Book Review of Pivot Point by Julie Kratz

Responsible Risk Taking

This book addresses mid-career women and coaches them on how to build a winning career game plan. It is a tool for mid-career individuals that also applies generally in life. For coaches it provides ideas on how to work with clients.

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

  • Book Review of Pivot Point by Julie KratzBe Authentic
  • Express Confidence
  • Build a Winning Career Game Plan
  • Connect with Purpose
  • Ask For It
  • Lead with Influence

The Good: This information is excellent plus leads to how to apply the insights for yourself in your life. The questions to answer for your own reflection are a great way to explore. Each section provides:

  • Rationale – an explanation on the reasons
  • Stories – examples from interviews supporting the rationale
  • Tools – ways to develop and implement
  • Tips – the explanation behind applying the concepts

The Bad: Because there is limiting language and information explaining what it is NOT, there is a loss of a focus in terms of direction.

Conclusion: A great book with lots of encouraging examples plus fabulous tools, this is worth reading for the insights, the process or flow, and the how-to application.


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