Benefits of Addiction Coaching

Benefits of Addiction Coaching

By Patrick Bailey,

An addiction coach with their coaching certification and expertise in the area of addiction is prepared to help clients achieve goals, improve their life, and focus on living in recovery.

Benefits of Addiction Coaching

Benefits of addiction coaching include:

  1. Making the choice to get clean
  2. Developing personal strategies for staying clean
  3. Exploring relapse prevention skills
  4. Personal accountability
  5. Creating personal motivation for recovery
  6. Staying focused on a recovery lifestyle
  7. Setting, meeting, and achieving goals
  8. Developing and maintaining healthy life skills
  9. Creating balance
  10. Making healthy decisions
  11. Assistance with tough life transitions
  12. Identifying and living personal values and priorities

These great benefits are all helpful for overcoming addiction and creating a healthy life. For an addict wanting to live a wonderful sober lifestyle, an addiction coach is a great partner and support.

Tips for finding an addiction coach:

  • Look for an addiction coach who has experience with addiction and who has the appropriate coach training – ask them about both.
  • Ask for a free introductory session to experience the approach of the coach and to ensure your comfort with them.
  • Be clear on what you want to accomplish through the addiction coaching.
  • Be the driver during coaching sessions by choosing what you want to accomplish.

Food for Thought: Consider the difference of working without or with an addiction coach when weighing the cost against the benefits.

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