Being a Respectful Coach

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Being a Respectful Coach

By Cathy Liska

What does it mean to be respectful as a coach?  Respect includes respecting yourself and respecting others.  Respect means caring about how you take care of yourself and how you treat people.  Respect means being a true professional when working as a coach and that demonstrates caring about yourself with the proper coach training and caring about clients with the proper preparation.

coaching is a top personal competency 2

Apply the many elements covered during coach training to respect:

  • Learning and enhancing the 11 Core Competencies of a Coach is respectful because it enhances the quality of the services you provide.
  • Living the Coaching Code of Ethics demonstrates respect because as a professional service provider knowing and demonstrating the nuances of Ethics is essential.
  • Focusing on the client is respectful because it really is all about them.
  • Creating a safe space for the client to open up and talk is respecting the purpose of coaching.
  • Really listening is respecting the job of a coach.
  • Asking short, simple questions is respecting the client’s abilities, control, and choices.
  • Empowering the client to explore, consider different possibilities, identify possible challenges, discover alternatives, and choose independently is respectful because that is the service they are paying to receive.
  • Partnering with the client for accountability is respectful because it supports their success.
  • Affirming client progress and success plus asking them how they are acknowledging themselves is respectful because it builds confidence and motivation.

Ultimately, demonstrating respect as a coach means being a professional.  Being a professional means getting the appropriate training, learning and using the Code of Ethics, and skillfully applying the coaching competencies taught in coaching certification.

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