4 Steps to Motivate Follow-through

4 Steps to Motivate Follow-through

Motivating follow-through is easy when you recognize personal style in the moment
and then adjust effectively.  With powerful questioning and specific focus your
client engages fully and is empowered to create their plan for implementing change. 4 Steps to Motivate Follow-through

Coach training teaches these steps in depth.  It starts with the awareness that people think, feel, and prioritize differently, and our own personalities influence how we think, feel, and prioritize.  It is essential to be aware of and adjust for how we and others function.

Step 1: Use a simple tool to you identify personal style in the moment:
· Determine if the person is Emotion or Logic in their thinking, processing, and speaking.  Here are a few hints: Emotion people talk about feelings, share people stories, and express compassion.  Logic people talk about tasks, engage in planning, and focus on results.
· Then determine if the person is Passive or Aggressive in the interactions and communication.  Passive people are cautious, take time to think, and are more indecisive.  Aggressive people are opinionated, jump right in, and are fast-paced making decisions quickly.

Step 2: Adjust to the style of the other person by matching then balancing emotion with emotion and logic with logic.  Match and balance the slower pace of the passive person or the faster pace of an aggressive person.

Step 3: Focus forward and ask for internal motivation.  Specifically, instead of talking about the past or the problem, talk about the future, solutions, options, and what it means personally to follow-through.

Step 4: Ask powerful questions to empower ownership.  Powerful questions, coaching questions, are open-ended, short, focused on the desired result, and confident in a positive outcome.  Powerful questions create an opportunity to explore possibilities and choose what is desired.  With exploration and choice comes ownership.  With ownership comes follow-through.

Coaching certification develops the skills for effectively applying these four steps to motivate follow-through!

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