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Center for Coaching Solutions

The Center for Coaching Solutions is pleased to welcome you to this part of our Center!  A tool for you to explore possibilities with quality coaching, descriptive and proposal request pages are designed with you in mind.  You are invited to visit the various pages, read about coaching, register for free webinars, explore your possibilities – stay a while.  Of course your feedback to further enhance quality and services is welcome.

The Value of Coaching

Consider how you enhance your results: brainstorming, considering different perspectives, exploring ideas and concepts, goal setting, and planning. Simply put, the single most effective way to support a successful process for you now is coaching.

Studies show that coaching provides an average Return on Investment, ROI, of 600%

Leaders share that coaching is an excellent tool for enhancing their leadership abilities and creating new opportunities within their companies.

CCS matches you with a Coach that has the experience to best serve your success.

The CCS Coaching Model

Each person is their own best expert. The coach serves as a sounding board, provider of perspective, strategic partner, accountability partner, and motivation partner.

The CCS coach is a trained professional who has demonstrated core competencies and subscribes to the Code of Ethics.

The Coaches with CCS have a foundation of training, competency, and ethics to support the clients achieving success through coaching with understanding, trust, communication, exploration, and strategizing.

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