What is the difference between Online and Blended learning?

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Online means that the entire program is completed online.  Blended means that part of the program is online, and part of the program is face-to-face.  In either case, when a coaching certification is approved by the International Coach Federation, live participation is a requirement.

For online classes, plan ahead!  Be in a quiet, private place because you will be listening and also talking.  Online platforms do pick up the noise around you so being in a quiet place is respectful of your classmates plus ensures you are ready to focus.  Because the live participation is required, plan to ask questions, answer questions, and engage in discussion.

What is the difference between Online and Blended learning?
What is the difference between Online and Blended learning?

At the Center for Coaching Certification, CCC, both online and blended learning options are offered for the Certified Professional Coach program.  In both versions, it is the exact same class! The program starts with five live, interactive, online classes.  Each class is followed by a research or practice assignment.  Next is a group session to discuss what the class chooses, get questions answered, and review resources that are included.  The coaching practicum is where you coach, are coached, and observe coaching.  It is an amazing experience in either format.  For the online version the time is scheduled in four-hour blocks on four different days.  For the face-to-face version, the time is scheduled in two eight-hour days.

Graduates of all CCC programs are provided with a multitude of resources including a coach listing service, numerous assessments that you can brand and give at wholesale, free continuing education, opportunities to speak or publish, login access to many tools and resources, plus a free Q&A call each month.

Visit  https://www.coachcert.com,email CoachSupport@CoachCert.com, take a quiz on becoming a coach at https://www.coachcert.com/en/about/faqs/is-coaching-right-for-me-take-the-quiz.html, or call 800-350-1678 for more information.


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