10 Considerations for Job Search Coaching Part 5

Job search coaching leads to a new job, and successful transition enhances client opportunities, so this blog post is on the considerations when starting a position. As a bonus, it looks beyond the job search coaching for the client that does start work, and it looks at business opportunities for job search coaching.

10. Transition in to a new position
After your coaching client has secured a new job, they will begin looking at how to make their transition as smooth and as effective as possible.

* Questions to ask might include:
o What is your plan to learn your new bosses needs and wants?
o What is your process for learning the culture?
o What is your strategy for connecting with your new colleagues?
o How do you want others to perceive you?
o What is your plan to create that perception?
o What is your strategy for getting up to speed?
o How can you hit the ground running effectively?

After a client transitions in to a new position, the coaching relationship may move to job success or career development coaching. The client may want coaching for work/life balance. As a coach, explore client interest and need for ongoing coaching. Consider how often coaching sessions are scheduled. During a job search, some clients may want or need weekly sessions to move forward quickly. During the transition or career coaching, sessions may be twice a month. A client may then want to schedule coaching once a month or even once every few months. As a coach, your role is to know whether you are benefitting the client and what works for them moving forward.

Because of the economy, job search coaching is growing in demand. For a coach, possibilities to consider include offering workshops that are followed with individual coaching, and group coaching. Workshops ranging from one to three hours on résumé and cover letter writing, search strategies, or interview skills appeal to many and provide the training component efficiently. Group coaching provides clients added value because they are sharing experiences with others in the same process and learning from each other. These services expand your coaching business and provide clients with cost-effective options.

What job search coaching ideas have worked well in your business?

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