The Culturally Competent Coach

Wilhelmina Parker

by Wilhelmina Parker 

Wilhelmina Parker

My name is Wilhelmina Parker and I thank you for  reading my blog.  I am a lifelong learner  and certified coach who believes in living life with GRIT where “GRIT” stands for:



Reading Intelligently

Innovating  Wisely

Teaching  Integrity

I invite you to check out my chapter in the book Coaching Perspectives VIII, The Culturally  Competent Coach.  Explore applying cultural humility in the practice of coaching in a variety of environments: public, private, and non-profit sectors.  You will enjoy practical  aspects of how my own life lessons led me to the journey of utilizing an equity and inclusion lens in the life work of coaching.

I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa until I turned 20.  As an ebony-skinned, privileged young woman growing up in Africa, I learned about fairness, equality, integrity, and success as a reward for putting in the work.  My father did that, with great success, and he died an incredibly powerful example of an African Pioneer.  He came from poverty and rose to great heights.

In my chapter, you will see how I choose to courageously use my strengths and talents to intelligently challenge sacred cows so that I may powerfully empower self and others, embrace allies who speak shared truth, and participate as a part of a wakened humanity who may together discover pathways that empower us, our networks, our relationships, and our sphere of influence.

This chapter in Coaching Perspectives VIII will be useful in providing helpful tips for managers and supervisors, internal Human Resources practitioners, and/or for the lay reader interested in learning more about leading humbly from the heart in healing focused dialogue.

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