Social Media Educates Coaches

After discussing social media as a business development tool for the past few weeks, this blog post is about how social media is an educational tool for coaches. In social media, “content is king.” Providing content is part of a business development strategy; accessing the content is part of ongoing learning for coaches.

Visit LinkedIn; join the discussions on the Center for Coaching Certification page. Join other groups like the ICF, groups of coaches and think tanks. Ask questions, make comments, share opinions, and read what others say.
Visit Facebook pages of coaching organizations including the Center for Coaching Certification. Share ideas, insights, and resources.

Follow people and organizations on Twitter. The Center for Coaching Certification sends out a question of the week – ask it of yourself and others.

Visit YouTube and search videos on coaching and topics of interest. Subscribe to the Center for Coaching Certification page and tell us what you want on video.

Recently a few discussions caught my eye. One was in the LinkedIn group for the Association for Training and Development. Someone asked whether anyone can train and the comments have been incredibly interesting.

The International Coach Federation group on LinkedIn has a discussion on whether coaches should be trained and it is amazing the considerations people discuss.

The wealth of information and learning opportunities serve coaches with new insights, expanding perspectives.

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