Quit Selling and Start Coaching

Quit Selling and Start Coaching

The idea of becoming a coach and having your own business is exciting!  You do the right things – complete your coach training, join the International Coaching Federation, set up your company, and you are ready!  Now you are a coach – what is next?

When you are in business, offering your services, you want clients.  Where do they come from?  How do you find them?  Or rather, how do they find you? Quit Selling and Start Coaching

Coaches commonly shy away from marketing and selling themselves. In thinking about this for myself, the image that comes to mind is someone pushing me to buy something. It seems the idea of selling is often associated with pushing for other coaches too. It is unattractive and ineffective.

Think of marketing as being available so that when someone is looking for what you offer, they can find you easily. It is often as simple as creating profiles on social media that focus on your ideal client. Think about what is important to them and speak to that. Provide an easy way for them to have an introductory call. When you do talk, make it a coaching conversation.  Instead of pushing services for sales, think in terms of being available for those who want coaching.

Change selling to coaching.  Instead of promoting or pushing your services, invite people to explore what they want, what it means to them, how coaching benefits their success, and the pros and cons of having a coach.  You are a coach, and it truly is their choice!

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