Facilitating Learning and Results

Creating Awareness, Designing Actions, Planning and Goal Setting, plus Managing Progress and Accountability are competencies where the coachee is exploring, strategizing, designing action steps, and planning how they will stay on track.  On a fun note, accountability also means celebrating progress and success along the way.

Because coaching is for creating meaningful change, coaching certification is a must to gain insight and techniques to support the application of these coaching competencies.

A few tips for when you are coaching to ensure you are applying these competencies:

  • Explore and then explore more.
  • Brainstorm ideas – include the crazy, mediocre, and good thoughts before the coachee chooses.
  • Role play to practice coachee interactions.
  • Ask for specific actions and a timeline.
  • Complete tasks during the session including creating documents, writing, researching, organizing, etc.
  • Ask the coachee what they want support for doing.
  • Get specific on how to manage accountability.
  • Take time to celebrate successes.

At the Center for Coaching Certification, during coach training there are many opportunities to practice these competencies and the impact is amazing.  Consider for yourself how having techniques for creating awareness in yourself and others opens possibilities.  Imagine the difference when you apply specific techniques that support effective goal setting plus enhance the follow-through on action plans.  Consider how effectively partnering with others for accountability supports success.  In addition to the power of these competencies in coaching relationships, these skills serve trained coaches in all of their relationships.

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