Questions for Ken Coaching Mario around Doing

Meet Coach Ken

Examples of Questions Ken Asks:

  • What is your motivation for getting promoted?
  • What are the implications of a promotion?
  • How does a promotion now impact long-term opportunities?
  • What are the ways a promotion benefits you?
  • How committed are you to earning a promotion?
  • By when do you want a promotion?
  • What are your best options for a promotion?
  • How will you prepare for a promotion?
  • What actions will you take to move toward a promotion?
  • What stretch assignments will give you visibility?
  • In what ways do you merit a promotion?
  • When interviewing, what achievements will you highlight?
  • What will you say about your skills?
  • What additional learning will be expected?
  • Who are your biggest competitors?
  • How will you stand out from the others?
  • What are the reasons for and against getting the promotion?
  • Describe your transition into a new role.
  • How will you handle challenging employees?
  • How will you communicate with former colleagues that now report to you?
  • How will you organize your new team?
  • What processes do you want to change?
  • How do you want to distribute the workload?
  • Imagine you are successful in your transition. How will you use the additional income? Meet Coach Ken


  • Mario has specific action steps.
  • Mario makes visible progress.


  • Ken directs Mario to a specific assessment before knowing if it serves him.
  • Ken assesses what he thinks is best for Mario.
  • Ken assigns tasks to Mario.
  • Ken fails to explain the difference between an assessment debrief and a coach
  • Ken fails to address Mario’s personal concerns.
  • Ken continually steers Mario in the direction Ken chooses.
  • Ken fails to recognize Mario wants something different.
  • It is more likely Mario will leave for a different opportunity.
  • Ken is functioning outside the parameters of a coach by acting as a consultant.


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