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Opportunities for Coaching in Change Management

LaMarsh Global

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Change practitioners often work with people involved with a change: the leaders responsible for or sponsoring a change, and the people that might be impacted by the change (which can often include the leaders).

Even though these are two distinct groups of people with different roles and responsibilities, change practitioners can consider using a coaching approach for both groups.

Coaching strategies are the same when working with leaders or with employees impacted by change, says Judy Searle, Director of Consulting Services at LaMarsh Global. The conversations or communications have to be adapted to the audience, while the foundation remains the same: help people to understand their role and the decisions they can make during a change.

When coaching leaders before or during a change, the conversation is founded on the specific business objectives they want to achieve.

“Coaching is partnering for success,” describes Searle. “Ask them questions and do a lot of listening. I invite them to consider: What outcomes are you wanting to achieve?

Successful outcomes rely on a quality solution and preparing an organization for the solution, and coaching can support leaders to clarify what it will take for success.

“Change management is one part solution and one part acceptance,” says Searle. “Leaders often emphasize the solution and getting it right, and coaching is an opportunity to help them prepare the organization for the solution that is coming.  Coaching is an opportunity to explore understanding, choose how to manage it, and work toward the solution.”



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