Part 3: How hard is it to create a successful coaching business?

In this three part series, each part “assumes” you have taken the steps to move forward. This part assumes: you are taking the steps to promote and market your services; you are networking; you believe in what you are doing. Because you are doing the work, now is the time to take it up a notch and enhance your possibilities for success.
* Follow through and follow-up

Evaluate what is happening. Look at whether you are staying on track, meeting your timeline, and scheduling on-going effort. Consider what responses you are or are not receiving. How are you learning from the feedback? What are your considerations for applying the information? Sometimes one person has an opinion that makes sense so you adjust, other times because it is one person you evaluate and decide you like your approach. When several people give you the same feedback, take a hard, close look. Ask people you know and trust for their thoughts. Look at it with fresh ideas to see new possibilities.

Flexibility and consistency – both are important. When you evaluate, you decide whether to adjust and when. This flexibility keeps your approach fresh and current. Consider also that it takes a consistent message, over time, with repeat contacts for the information to stick. What is your balance? Look at the pros and cons of changing, and at how much you need or want to change, then choose and take action. After you settle in to a routine, to ensure you are garnering attention, schedule time to ask yourself:

* What else haven’t you tried?
* What do people really want?
* Are you meeting their need?

Now add value. Consider other possibilities for services and income that tie directly to your business. For example, offer training programs, workshops, meet-up groups, white papers, recorded learning programs, or books. Each product noted is a source of connecting with people looking for a coach.

Collaborate with complementary services. Many other businesses would benefit by referring coaching clients to you: personal trainers, health insurance providers, employee assistance programs, human resource professionals, chiropractors, etc. The list of possibilities is unlimited. How can you offer them and/or their clients a benefit through these referrals?

Each time you receive an inquiry, comment, email, or phone call, enter the contact information in a database. Each week, plan your time to follow-up with your contacts. Send another email, make a call, or send a message through a networking site. Stay in touch with people and demonstrate you are consistent and reliable. Be available whether they plan to become a customer now or not because helping others creates an atmosphere of service that expands possibilities. Show people you care and help when there is nothing in it for you because in reality you are a better person and business person for doing it. Business is about relationships. So, how can I be of service to you?

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