New Coach Marketing System Review

One of the big challenges for new coaches is marketing. A new company now provides a library of marketing strategies for coaches in an easy-to-use online program. Over the past 4 months, I have been reviewing this marketing program and wanted to share the review of the software.

The Good – Lots to Choose: It has over 170 marketing strategies that come with a step-by-step process for each strategy (it coaches you!) One of the benefits is that you do not have to guess how to implement the strategy; they give you each step and provide helpful tips and resources to make it easier.

Tons of Resources: Each marketing strategy lists one or more resources. The strategies that include calls even have scripts. For email campaigns, the system has several email providers suggested, so the research is done already. Bottom line – it makes it easy for coaches to follow through.

Stay on top of your marketing: If you do not visit your dashboard for 3 days, you will get a reminder email. This software coaches you on marketing consistency.

Tracking Results: Input results from each marketing strategy and the software calculates the effectiveness. This evaluates which marketing strategies are getting the best results and which are not worth your time. This is great for planning your coaching business marketing because you simply enter four numbers and the system does the rest.

The Bad – Brand new: Because it is VERY new, it may have some glitches. It is being rolled out right now and seems highly functional – just a few minor tweaks are still in the works.

Conclusion: because I was so impressed with this product, I worked with the producers to get a special version just for coaches. Even better: you get a 15-day free trial. Test-drive this product for yourself at Let me know what you think as a comment on the blog.

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