Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies (and Coaches) Book Review

Successful coaches know that the client’s focus and positive thinking make a big difference. Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is the science behind what works and how it impacts thinking. To simplify: neuro is your brain, linguistic is your language, programming is your behavior. How you say it tells your brain how to process, decide, and act. Often we lack complete awareness of the message we give ourselves and others.

In the Center for Coaching Certification program, NLP is taught, and participants consistently ask for good resources to get more information. This book is an easy-to-read and understand summary of neuro-linguistic programming.

Topics Covered:

* Neuro-linguistic Programming explained
* The connection with the brain
* Developing rapport
* Tools of NLP
* The influence of words
* Tips

For coaches, delve in to the information on visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Learn the meta models and meta programs. Explore the power of the words because when a client sets goals and creates action plans, their words impact their results!

NLP provides a wealth of knowledge for coaches and clients alike. There are a multitude of books and courses on the subject, and as a coach I find it challenging to know where to start. The book could be simpler and more logical in approach – at the same time it is written to appeal to a wide audience so the comprehensive overview makes it worthwhile addition to your library.
What books on NLP do you recommend to other coaches?

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