Media Opportunities for Coaches

This is 21 in a series of 24 blog posts on Business and Marketing.

As a Certified Professional Coach there are many opportunities for you to be in the media – on TV, on the radio, or cited in written news articles.  Providing your expertise and insights as a resource for the media enhances your visibility as a coach.

Options for becoming a resource for the media start in your local area.  There are TV shows and radio shows that frequently interview community members.  Some programs are providing information on topics related to your work as a coach.  In the blog on speaking, one recommendation was to create a speaker sheet that describes your speaking personality and highlights your topics.  Modify this for the media so that you have a one-page document to provide electronically or if appropriate in print.  Then reach out and connect with the local stations and print media companies making yourself available as a resource.

Great resources to help you move beyond your local are  On each of these sites, you may sign up for their free newsletter that lets you know which media reporters are seeking an expert to interview by topic or area of interest.  When there is a fit, the information on how to contact them and what to provide is included.  As a coach, this is an easy way to respond to a reporter looking for your expertise.

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