From Training to Group Coaching

Take the group experience of your coach training into your practice. How was your learning experience enhanced by the group experience? What are the unique benefits of learning and working with a group of adults that share a common thread? Each time I consider all the different ways for learning, I go back to the spark created with a group that wants to learn meeting live.

In the Coach training we learn the how to’s of being a coach, and while we learn and hear the information from our trained expert and coach, what do we gain from the other students? In my experience I gained support, confidence, feedback, encouragement and the ideas that come from talking, sharing and brainstorming with others.

In discussions with others we see different ways of thinking in action, we learn from each other, and we gain inspiration. Now think about any group learning experience you have had that inspired you, motivated you, and called you to action. What in particular did you like most? How specifically did you learn and benefit?

Now think about applying this to group coaching. Give clients who share a similar focus or goal a very rich experience that complements individual coaching sessions, or even be the primary coaching environment. Your knowledge of group learning will become the power of group coaching. This blog post was written by Christine King.

Is group coaching a part of your practice? What are the steps to add to your services?

1. Consider the types of coaching services you offer, and what a common interest of focus is for your clients.

2. Explore interest and price points for group coaching.

3. Sign-up for a conference call service (many are free.)

4. Create a schedule (generally twice a month) and begin promoting the group.

5. Plan your process – for example, have a list of topics with questions to ask the group for each topic.

6. When you have 4 to 6 people, start!

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