How do people find a Coach? Part 2

A website, online networking, and publishing articles online have become vital parts of any public relations, marketing, or advertising efforts. Are they personal enough for finding a coach?

As a baby boomer, learning new technologies has been a challenge. The first time I was contacted by someone online about my coaching services, I was surprised. It took me a while to figure out they had found me because of comments I made on a discussion, and that they really liked what I said. That was an eye-opener.

Now I spend time each day learning more, maintaining my ongoing efforts at search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

As a coach, explore SEO optimization and social media sources. Be available for discussions. Ask and answer questions. Connect with people online. Publish articles and write a blog.

Are you looking for a coach? Read about coaches online. Visit discussion groups, search article sites on topics of interest, explore blog posts. When something resonates, the internet is a great place to learn more about someone so you know if you want to ask about their coaching services.

Given the level of personal discussion with a coach, do you think the internet is a good place to find a coach?

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