Health Coaching–is it right for you? 2 of 3

Guest Blogger Jessica Daschbachcoaches conversation

Many clients have some ideas of their health or fitness goals and work with a coach to fine-tune their focus and strategize ways to meet the goals. The result is empowerment because your coach elicits answers from you, then partners with you for accountability and motivation. When you work with a coach to explore your goals and discover ways to reach them, you are more likely to stay on track and get the results you choose.

A Health, Health-style, or Wellness Coach, such as myself, falls under the broad category of Life Coach (as compared to a Business or Executive Coach). In addition to the training as a Coach, we also have expertise in areas of Health and Wellness. For example, my expertise lies within Personal Training: knowledge of the human body, its’ systems and its’ chemistry; Fitness Nutrition; and Life Balance (including work, family, school, hobbies, and for some, spirituality).

When looking for a coach, ask about their training. Ask about coach-specific training because it makes a difference in their ability to be effective. Ask about their experience in areas of expertise you want to tap. Often an introductory session demonstrates about their ability to understand your goals and the possibilities for moving toward the results you choose. Skilled coaches know how to best empower you and have the tools that work. Training in specific areas related to your goals is often important too – for example training in fitness and nutrition.

In the next blog I will talk a little about the process of Health Coaching.

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