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Foundation for Coaching – 2 of 3

The Center for Coaching Certification (CCC) Coaching Model process, built on a foundation of training, competency, and ethics, focuses on working toward the outcomes the client chooses and coaching success is based on developing and effectively using core competencies as a coach.

In keeping with the Core Competencies for coaches as promoted by the International Coaches Federation (ICF):

* Demonstrate your focus on and respect for the client by recognizing their preferences and adjusting to their style.

* When you have coaching sessions, set aside everything else and focus completely on the client and the process.

* Enhance your communication with open interest and support, exploring the possibilities of different approaches.

* A great coach is both a great listener and a great questioner.

* Listening intentionally means listen actively, rephrase, and reflect.

* Questions and follow-up questions empower understanding, exploration, and clarity.

* Coaches open the door for possibilities by sharing perspective and then asking more questions.

* Expand on answers with carefully-worded probing questions.

* Ask for more ideas and brainstorm.

As a coach, you are a strategic and accountability partner. Support the client in developing their plan and deciding on how they are accountable to their plan. Best of all: Coaches have the privilege of celebrating successes with clients.

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