Creating Inspiring Leaders through Coaching

by Patti Oskvarek

When I became a Certified Professional Coach, I knew I wanted to be a leadership coach. My goal is to coach people around being passionate about their jobs, being empathic towards their employees, and being skillful as leaders.  The world will benefit from better leaders in organizations, companies, government, and non-profits.

An interesting note: I have talked to a lot of people and a high percentage dislikes their jobs and direct supervisor. Unfortunately, there are many leaders that only think about the bottom line.  As a result, more employees are disengaged.  Losing employees costs money.  It is expensive recruiting and training new people and then consistently replacing them.

People are continually searching for the next best opportunity, something new or different, and sometimes take any other job just to get out of their current situation, or they stay because it is easier.  When leaders invest in current employees with mentoring, coaching, training, and developing, the employees feel valued.   When employees feel valued, they will want to come to work and give it their all to achieve the company’s goals and vision.

Is it a lack of leadership training, mentors, or coaches?

No.  It is a lack of commitment to invest in and utilize the training, mentoring, and coaching.

How does change happen?

Through positive and encouraging leadership coaching.  When people think things through, they become inspired. When people are inspired, they ignite excitement.  Change starts to manifest and becomes contiguous.

Companies are increasingly aware of the value of coaching which means individual leaders are also aware.  Applying the 11 coaching competencies you learn during coaching certification is an opportunity to empower individual and organizational success. 

About the Author: Patti Oskvarek is a Certified Professional Coach through Center for Coaching Certification and Master Certified Coach from World Coach Institute. She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Phoenix Chapter.  She is dedicated to helping others find passion, purpose and confidence in all they do.

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