Coaching Types

People are standing above a laptop computer and posting
People are standing above a laptop computer and posting
Coaching Types

Coaching is a professional service that offers value both professionally and personally.  It is of benefit to people in all walks of life.  The process of coaching is consistent across different areas of focus.  The areas of focus determine the dominant topic of conversation.  There are types and areas of coaching and as you go deeper there are many niche areas within each type and area of coaching.  As a starting point, here are a few of the more commonly recognized types of coaching:
·      Academic – encompasses three areas of coaching: administrators as leaders, teachers on efficacy, students for results or opportunities.
·      Addiction – supports people choosing treatment and successful recovery.
·      Business – supports small to mid-sized businesses on growth, stability, scalability, and sustainability.
·      Career – focuses on career which can mean starting a career, finding a job, advancing to the next level, changing careers, or retiring from a career.
·      Executive – working with professionals in a corporate setting including leaders, high potentials, and executives.
·      Health – health care service includes coaching professionals working in the field and health coaching for the individuals accessing care.
·      Holistic – an over-arching term indicating the coaching works with the whole being of a client and may incorporate somatic, gestalt, ontological, or other techniques.
·      Leadership – supporting new, emerging, and established leaders in their role.
·      Life – addresses personal interests including lifestyle, personal goals, managing ADHD, dating, relationships, grief, relocation, transitions, and more.
·      Wellness – encompasses balance, well-being, health, fitness, nutrition, and more.

In addition to these types or areas of coaching, there are different certifications or credentials the coach earns as they develop their coaching competency.  Coach training is available in hundreds of different organizations or schools.  Ideally, seek accredited coach training.  At the Center for Coaching Certification, the designations earned for each of the programs include:
·      CPC = Certified Professional Coach
·      CMC = Certified Master Coach
·      CCS = Certified Advanced Coach which covers the following:
·      CAC-AS = Certified Advanced Coach – Academic Specialist
·      CAC-BS = Certified Advanced Coach – Business Specialist
·      CAC-CS = Certified Advanced Coach – Career Specialist
·      CAC-ES = Certified Advanced Coach – Executive Specialist
·      CAC-LS = Certified Advanced Coach – Life Specialist
·      CAC-WS = Certified Advanced Coach – Wellness Specialist

The International Coaching Federation, ICF, accredits coach training although they do not do coach training.  ICF does offer credentialing:
Associate = ACC
Professional = PCC
Master = MCC

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