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Collaboration for ADHD Parent Coaching

ADHD is a fact of life for approximately 5% of the world’s population.  It presents unique challenges for navigating school, careers, and life in general.  Addressing the challenges is a challenge!  Often parents receive differing advice and are unsure how to best support their children.

The Center for Coaching Certification is pleased to collaborate PTS Coaching where the ADHD Parent Coach program is offered by Cindy Goldrich, Ed. M., ADHD-CCSP.

Collaboration for ADHD Parent Coaching

Collaboration for ADHD Parent Coaching

For those interested in both ADHD Coaching and the ICF path, completing the Certified Professional Coach offered by the Center for Coaching Certification and the ADHD Parent Coach Academy program offered by PTS Coaching means they are eligible to apply for ICF membership and will have the training hours required towards the ACC designation on the portfolio path.  As an added bonus for therapists, SLP’s, and educators seeking Continuing Ed Credits, the Center for Coaching Certification training programs are accredited by IACET to offer CEUs.

The ADHD Parent Coach program teaches the science and latest research on ADHD.  The program is an opportunity to understand common challenges and pitfalls as well as effective strategies for parenting an ADHD child.

The Certified Professional Coach program provides a solid foundation in coaching competencies and ethics as well as a considered approach that best serves clients.

An ADHD Parent Coach partners with parents to establish productive boundaries, improve communication, recognize how to support instead of enabling, plus understand triggers and create strategies to respond.

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