Coaching on Nutrition – Part 1 of 3

by Guest Blogger Annemarie

In today’s society, so many people are taking responsibility for their own health. With all the supplements and nutraceutical products on the market, many are very confused as to which is best. Whether exploring for yourself or asking your coaching client about their considerations, basic information provides a starting point.

An article from was released in June 2011. In that article Consumer Labs tested 38 multivitamins and discovered that eight contained too little of specific ingredients, two contained more nutrient than claimed and three improperly listed ingredients. When your coaching client is choosing to be aware of their nutrition and decides on vitamins as their solution, what question will you ask?

“We found a wide range in the quality of multivitamins,” said Dr. Tod Cooperman, president of the company. “Interestingly, the more expensive products didn’t fair any better than those that are just a few cents a day.” While prescriptive drugs are closely monitored by FDA, supplements such as vitamins are not monitored. How does your coaching client find out whether these supplements can do what they claim?

Read this blog series for the basic information to get you started so that you ask smart questions of your coaching clients and of yourself. Start with this quiz: and let me be a resource for you now.

Annemarie McDermott, Health & Wellness Educator,, 303.594.7466

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