Coaching Niches: 3 Considerations

Because there are so many coaches, identifying niche areas that work is increasingly important. The challenge for many coaches includes naming or labeling niche areas. Start with choosing, and then consider the naming of your coaching focus.

How do you choose a niche area?
1. Experience
List all of your work experience. List job titles and list industry. List actual tasks you did at work. If your background is diverse, what are the general categories of experience as they might apply to coaching?
2. Interest or passion
What interests you? What is your passion? What are the connections between your passion and your experience or education? What coaching focus is exciting to you?

3. Recognized expertise

When you consider your network and contacts, how do they describe your expertise? What are you known for professionally? In what areas do you have credibility?

After exploring possibilities from your background, decide on your niche. If you have more than three niche areas, it might create an impression of less expertise or of being scattered. If your coaching niche areas are very different, it might create a sense of disconnect.

When naming or labeling your niche areas, consider:
1. What name or label is broad enough to appeal to a wide market?
2. What name or niche is specific enough so a potential coaching client feels it is right for them?
3. What is the perception the name or label creates for others?

It is helpful to test your niche names on people you know and trust.

What coaching niche areas sound good to you?

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