Coaching for New Year’s Resolutions – Part 3: Proactive Action Plans

Now that you coach for effective goals with internal motivators based on the concepts in the first two posts this week, the next step is to proactively plan action steps with accountability built-in.

Bottom line, coaching your client to know what they do want and recognizing their own motivation is the start, now plan specific action steps and incorporate accountability. For each New Year’s resolution your client sets, explore what they are doing and when they are doing it to move towards their goal. As their coach, work with your client to ensure an accountability process that works for them personally.

Ask questions so that your coaching client develops their own action steps and the accountability. For example:

* What process works for you to ensure you are accountable to your goals?
* What specific action steps move you toward the result you want?
* When will you take each of these action steps?
* What does your progress toward your goals mean to you?

Coaches are accountability partners, so check with your client on their progress. Ask them what is working and what has held them back. Ask them how they plan to move forward. Work with your coaching client to determine the appropriate level of flexibility.

Coaching clients to develop effective goals, explore their internal motivation, and proactively plan how to achieve results is what your work is about as a coach. Then comes the best part: Celebrate their successes!
How do you feel as a coach when your client experiences the results they want?

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