Coaching Creates Opportunity

In today’s world, does it make sense to expand your skills? Is your job security based on your increasing ability to perform? Is now the time to start a business? Do you want more financial security by diversifying with a second income stream? Is a back-up plan for creating your own financial security a good thing? For some this means learning coaching skills, or hiring a Coach; for others it means becoming the Coach.

What is a coach? A coach is a strategic partner that works with an individual or small group to develop a focus on goals, change habits, plan action steps, and develop accountability to achieve.

Because of the current economy, now is a time when people are looking for a coach as they seek a new job opportunity or to solidify their current position. Others are looking for a coach because they are choosing to launch the new business they have dreamed about and a coach provides the perspective, motivation, and accountability to their success. Some are looking for a coach for their teenagers who are moving into an increasingly competitive college and scholarship application process. Top executives find that their number one need is for effective communication and people skills with those they manage and are hiring coaches themselves, or their company hires a coach for them, because the impact directly changes bottom-line results.

For those with the interest and background to coach, now is a great time to expand your opportunities. Coaching is growing as an industry because of the need and the payback. Developing specific tools, process, and planning growth for your coaching practice is natural and easy with good training.

Has the idea of being a Coach ever ignited your imagination? Now is the ideal time to take action! Start by evaluating your motivation for coaching. What is it about the work that drives you? What do you want to accomplish? What special value do you provide? Answer these questions for yourself. Are you more excited than ever?

The natural next step is to explore training options. It is important to identify what works for you based on your current level of experience and expertise, your timeline, and your budget. Coaching or mentoring others is about developing yourself professionally, learning technique, and establishing yourself as a credible coach. Certification as a Coach is about fine-tuning skills and about credibility.

The Certified Professional Coach course covers:

* Parameters of Coaching

* Ethics

* Identifying client’s personality style

* Effectively working with the client based on who they are

* Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the language of success

* Specific, how-to steps for coaching sessions

* Experience coaching

* Business start-up review and worksheet

* Marketing ideas and plans for coaches
Visualize the possibilities you create with a Coaching practice. Areas of Coaching include: Transition, Productivity, Change, Stress, Weight Loss, ADHD, Self-Esteem, Career Growth, Small Business Development, Relationships, Business Skills, Speaking, Fitness, Financial Growth, Professional Development, Youth Creating Futures, Spirituality, Emotional Peace, Decision Making, Client Attraction, Writing, Space Design and Functionality, Conflict Management, Motivation, plus many, many more.

As a Coach, you are a strategic partner for your client to consider their dreams and possibilities, choose their goals, create their plan of action, change their habits, and achieve.

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