Coaching Core Competencies – 12 of 12

The long term success of each person is their own responsibility; a coach serves a client by defining and supporting actions and results. Managing Progress and Accountability is a Core Competency as listed by the International Coaches Federation, ICF, in the category of Facilitating Learning and Results.

During coaching sessions, the coach asks the client for their action steps. The professional coach takes notes and provides the client with a copy to facilitate the client staying on track. In subsequent coaching sessions, client progress is acknowledged. The professional coach asks the client what is working and what is not working. The coach then asks the client how they will move forward. When appropriate, the coach facilitates and supports adjustments in the client’s action plan.

The coach ensures that ongoing progress and accountability are in keeping with the scope developed at the beginning of the coaching process. The coach does this by exploring with the client how their current priorities fit with their big picture. When the client chooses to shift direction, the coach supports exploration of the possibilities and creation of a new plan.

Professional coaches discuss with their clients how they want to Manage Progress and Accountability. By developing this in partnership, the client accepts the coach holding them accountable and enjoys celebrating their successes.

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