Coach Preparation for Establishing Trust

Coach Preparation for Establishing Trust

Coach Preparation for Establishing TrustIn the blog post on Monday, Tiffany explored how trust can be established quickly in a coaching relationship with a powerful tool.  Now consider the additional aspects of trust in coaching.  Each step of the coaching process supports building trust.  In parallel with the Center for Coaching Certification coaching model and the ICF Core Competencies, the coaching process is explored here in terms of building and maintaining trust.

  • Coach training, ethics, and professional affiliations

Before offering professional services, including coaching, the preparation includes training and planning.  In coaching this involves approved coach training, learning the application of the Code of Ethics, and membership in the International Coach Federation.  Sharing this background supports the client trusting in the professionalism of the coach.

  • An open, clear conversation about the coaching relationship followed by signing an agreement

When engaging in a coaching relationship, the process starts with a conversation on what coaching is, how it works, and how the client will measure the success of the process.  Often this includes a free introductory session so the client experiences coaching and the coach’s particular style.  Then there is a written agreement defining the parameters of the relationship and confidentiality.  The conversation and agreement support the client trusting the process and that their information is confidential which in turn supports creating a trusting relationship.

The right preparation, planning, and initiating of a coaching relationship are foundational for establishing trust.  In the next blog post we’ll continue with the steps of the coaching model and the process for supporting trust.

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