Book Review of Coaching Perspectives IX

Coaching Perspectives IX

by Cathy Liska, Monique Betty, Helen/Qing Yan, Cheryl Procter-Rogers, Sarah Roberts, Laura Willis, Noreen Baker, Martin Laramie, Gail Lenox, Luisa Taveras, Beth Donovan, Samson Umurhurhu, and Wyetta ForCoaching Perspectives IX

Each chapter in this book is an individual read – ideal for taking a few minutes to gain new insights and learn.  It is fabulous for those coaching or mentoring because you can apply the information immediately.  It is excellent for individuals wanting to create meaningful change because you will find usable tools within these pages.

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

  • The Symbiotic Relationship of Being and Doing
  • Coach with a Strengths Based Approach
  • Flow-Based Coaching
  • Readiness in Executive Coaching
  • Illuminating Blind Spots
  • Leadership and the 3 Cs
  • The Art of Helping Others Move Forward
  • Discovering the Coach Within
  • Coaching for Job Search Success
  • The Benefits of Coaching for Grantmakers
  • Changing Negatives into Positives
  • Who Wants a Coach?
  • Assessments in a Coaching Program

The Good: The range of expertise in so many areas provides a breadth of exposure as well as the depth of application through examples and stories.

The Bad: The style of each author is different, and each chapter is separate which means if you read it as a single book it may seem choppy.

Conclusion: Coaching Perspectives IX is a great book for coaches and for people creating change in their lives.


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