Barriers to Coaching Part 6

Whether you are thinking about becoming a coach, actively in the process of becoming a coach, or already coaching, one common barrier to effective coaching and a successful coaching business is confidence.  Many, on reading that sentence, will think, “Oh, I thought I was the only one struggling with that.”

What are the reasons behind the lack of confidence?  Of course we all struggle with our level of confidence – different degrees at different times – it is part of being human.  Much of it is based on what we hear and see; Jack Canfield researched how much negativity we take in and cites 77% from the age of eleven.  The books on self-talk abound for a reason; how we talk to ourselves directly impacts our confidence.

In a coach training program, an area that is addressed is working with our confidence and our coaching clients’ confidence.  Tools and techniques are explored and practiced.  Moving past the barrier of confidence to coach starts in a coach training program.  Practice and experience build confidence.

Coaching is a process in which barriers are identified, solutions and opportunities for moving past barriers are explored, a strategy is developed, the action plan is designed and implemented, and the coach is an accountability partner.  Moving past the barriers to coaching is easier with a coach!

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