An Opportunity

An Opportunity

Number 28 in the ICF Code of Ethics calls on coaches to do good.  What does that mean?  How can we do that?  It starts with the statement in the code on being aware of our and our clients’ impact on society.  For how we do that, consider these five points pulled from our Diversity and Equity in Coaching CCE program: An Opportunity

  1. Learn about diversity
    1. Research and Read
    2. Conferences and Workshops
    3. Conversations
  2. Self-assess and Strategize
    1. Where are you at Now
    2. What is your Ideal
    3. Plan how to achieve it
  3. Self-reflective Practice
    1. Schedule time for it
    2. Options on How include: journaling, taking self-assessments, reflecting on coaching sessions, and more
    3. Develop Awareness through research, conversations, reflection on perceptions, and by engaging with a wider rage of people
  4. Communicate Openness
    1. Words invite people in or can exclude – review your website and social media to identify what you want to change
    2. Images – review the pictures you use for diversity
    3. Engagement – participate in the tough conversations with transparency and vulnerability
  5. Expand Access
    1. Non-profits – look for ways to offer coaching services to the staff and the constituency of nonprofit organizations
    2. Sliding-scale – consider offering a sliding-scale fee for coaching services to make it accessible for more people
    3. Collaboration – ICF Foundation and ICF chapters often partner to provide coaching for those who cannot access it otherwise; either through those efforts or with colleagues, work together to provide coaching to the underserved

Diversity and Equity are the right thing and each of us has our own areas of influence and opportunity to do good through our coaching services.

Interested in learning more?  Explore the Diversity and Equity in Coaching ICF-approved CCE program at

Engage in an interactive learning experience with six online classes coupled with online assignments and continued discussion to increase overall learning.

  1. Awareness – discuss and develop self and other awareness of diversity and equity in coaching.
  2. Personal Assessment – explore concepts of bias and areas of personal development.
  3. Business Assessment – assess your business from a diversity and equity perspective and access techniques to improve.
  4. Accessibility Expands Reach – review how you can support access and provide coaching to a wider audience
  5. Tools and Techniques – explore and incorporate diversity and equity best practices supported by ICF’s coaching competencies and ethics.
  6. Long-term Possibilities – discuss and plan for sustainability related to diversity and equity in coaching.

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